Details of Operation

The SOG-IS Agreement is overseen by the Management Committee (MC) which consists of representatives of every nation involved. This committee usually meets once a year and transacts business between meetings via email and telephone conferences.

The MC is supported in its work by the JIWG, the members of which are all from certificate producing schemes within SOG-IS. This committee was originally formed to agree common interpretations for the evaluation of smartcard technologies (hence JIWG = "Joint Interpretations Working group") but its role has been widened to cover development and oversight of all technical areas together with other technical work as directed by the MC. This committee generally meets three/four times each year and operates by email/teleconference in between times.

The JIWG coordinates and/or takes input from the work of a number of industry led sub-groups including:-

It also has wider liaison (generally through annual plenary sessions) with a number of related groups such as the "Japanese smartcard consortium".

The JIWG is available, on behalf of the MC, for technical coordination work with the European Commission when legislation and guidance is being drafted. Example areas of relevance include the electronic signatures directive, electronic tachographs, and electronic passports.

Documents related to operations rules

Title Status Version Date
JIWG Terms of Reference Applicable 2.2 September 2015
JIL Subgroup participation rules
Applicable 1.0 February 2012
Security Event Management Process Applicable 1.0 April 2013
JIL document submission and approval process Applicable 1.0 June 2014
SOG-IS shadow Certifications and VPAs process Applicable 2.0 October 2019
JIL Temporary Covid19 pandemic annex to the VPA/Shadow Procedure regarding on-site visits Expired 1.0 February 2022
Assurance continuity Applicable 1.2 March 2024
JIL Interpretations on Assurance Continuity for adding the ALC_FLR assurance component Applicable 1.0 October 2023
JIL Coordinated vulnerability disclosure and handling processes Applicable for trial use 1.0 October 2020
JIL Temporary Covid19 pandemic operational SOGIS evaluation and certification policy and rules Expired 1.5 November 2022
JIL Crisis Policy Applicable 1.0 November 2023